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1. 2000 speed, the highest turbine power, the heat dissipation effect is strong.
2. Silent fan, more suitable bayonet design, stable and reliable, let you enjoy the technical cooling effect in a quiet working environment.
3. In manual mode, the fan speed can be adjusted manually to increase or decrease the logo.
4. The colorful lighting design makes you feel good at night.
5. Removable pad that fits the height of your notebook for a smoother use.
6. Four different specifications of silicone sleeve configuration, suitable for 95% of notebooks on the market.

1. Maximum air volume: 24.5 CFM.
2. Rated voltage: DC 5V/9V.
3. Rated current: 0.15-0.47A/0.15-0.65A.
4. Input power: 3.6W.
5. Product weight: 155g.
6. Product size: 125x90x38mm.

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