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1. Product Code: ORICO PDM2
2. Internal Interface: M-key/B-Key
3. Supported Slots: PCI-e 3.0 Gen3 X4
4. Supported SSD: 2230/2242/2260/2280, PCI-E Channel NVME/SATA Protocol M.2 SSD
5. Supported System: IOS, Windows7/8/10, Linux
6. Transmission speed: 32Gbps(theoretical speed)(NVME protocol), 6Gbps(theoretical speed)(SATA protocol)
7. Supported Capacity: 2TB Single Disk, 4TB tota


1. Fully compatible with pci-e channel NVME protocol and SATA protocol M.2 SSD.
2. Pci-express 3.0 GEN3 X4 is used for direct connection. The physical interface guarantees the theoretical rates of 32 Gpbs(NVME protocol) and 6Gbps(SATA protocol).
4. Thickened gold-plated PCL-E X4 expansion card and drirectly connect to mainboard , compatible with X4 / X8 / X16 card slots.

Package Included:

1 * Orico PDM2 M.2 NVME to PCI-E 3.0 X4 Expansion Card

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